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VERTECH GROUP is a French environmental engineering with business focus on high-tech environmental engineering and innovation business development. Vertech Group aims to create value by supporting and advising private and public organizations in different sectors (e.g. recycling, waste, energy, water, etc.), and regions (e.g. Europe, Latin America) to increase their environmental, economic and social sustainability.
Technical capabilities:
1) Life cycle thinking (life cycle assessment, life cycle cost, social-life cycle assessment)
2) Circular economy (reuse, repair, recycle and by-products valorisation)
3) Eco-design (bioinspiration, green chemistry, bio-industry, rethinking of products and processes)
4) Sustainable communication (CSR, dataviz, green marketing, exploitation, communication and dissemination of results)
Vertech is member and constant speaker of many international platforms, such as: 
-SPIRE (full member)
-BIC (full member)
- Others, as FSLCI, ISO IWA 19:2017, etc.

(+34) 91 02 28 874
Organization type: 
Rue Defly 11
06000 Nice