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University Ca' Foscari of Venice

The Ca’ Foscari University of Venice has an excellent national and international reputation both for teaching and for research. Founded in 1868 as a Royal Business School, the University was the first educational institution in Italy and the second in Europe to offer higher education in economics and to understand the importance of languages for commerce, so much so that it quickly became the best university for teaching Western and Eastern languages in Italy.
Today the University has 8 Departments, more than 20.000 students and more than 700 Professors and Researchers. Six strategic research teams has been established to solve global challenges through interdisciplinary approaches: “Science of Complexity”, “Social Innovation”, “International Studies”, “Green Challenges”, “Innovation Team” and “Cultural ecosystems”, 
The Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is really interested on the PRIMA’s strategic topics, food and water. Our departments have different skills  and competences that match the programme research items.
In the following lines we would like to summarize these different areas of expertise. If you need more information or some researchers’ contact do not hesitate to write to us at or
Our University can offer expertise on aquaculture, aquaponics, including all services linked to them, from satellite databases to analyses. In particular we have experts in:
-        mathematical models  for the simulation of the evolution of coastal marine ecosystems subject  to a variety of anthropic pressures, with a particular focus on aquaculture;
-        statistical treatment of environmental data concerning the ecological and chemical status of coastal ecosystems
-        the European marine mollusc production sector;
-        ecosystem status assessment, including fisheries, within the Mediterranean marine coastal areas;
-        spatial multi-risk approaches applied  to assess cumulative impacts produced by the interaction between sea and land-based natural and anthropogenic pressures (e.g. seabed abrasion, nutrient input from river discharge, sea temperature variations) in marine areas.
-        climate and planning scenarios evaluation (e.g. multi-use scenarios, increased sea temperatures) by applying complex systems methods (e.g. Bayesian  Belief  Networks), in order to support Maritime Spatial Planning processes and Climate adaptation in marine areas.;
-        hydrogeology and water resources management;
-        strategies and technologies for water quality control and water pollution reduction;
-        rivers, secondary hydrographic networks and landscape.
University Ca’ Foscari of Venice promotes a Master course (an high specialization didactic activity) focused on Food an Wine Culture (
In particular, we have expertise in:
-        local products promotion;
-        agri-food marketing;
-        synthesis and functionalization of bio-based films and plastics for food packaging;
-        control of food contamination and protection and quality
-        assessment and protection of typical products
Last but not least,  our six interdisciplinary research teams have the competences for facing  the cross-cutting challenges identified by PRIMA.
More information about our research teams:
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