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Take a moment to answer the "PRIMA Objectives Prioritization Survey"

A survey has been prepared in order to collect the opinions of key actors on the research priorities to be addressed by the PRIMA initiative. The survey will also enquire which actions you would like  the PRIMA Initiative will primarily develop within each of the three PRIMA thematic pillars(Sustainable management of water for arid and semi-arid areas; Sustainable farming systems under Mediterranean environmental constraints; Mediterranean food value chain for regional and local development). The actions to be carried out within PRIMA will boost the innovation potential of the Euro-Mediterranean agri-food chains by: addressing market innovation related activities; stimulating local entrepreneurship capacities; increasing participation of industry/SMEs. This survey will allow the identification of the objectives within each pillar that should be addressed first , in order to deliver practical and actionable results for the main end users of the food and water systems in the Euro-Mediterranean area, hence, enabling the definition of annual work plans in the view of the SRIA (Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda) elaboration.
PRIMA Objectives Prioritization Survey