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Sustainable Innovations Europe

SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS EUROPE is a Spanish engineering SME. The team is formed by chemical, energy recovery experts, environmentalist and a business department focused on the market uptake of innovations.The technical team has more than 10 years of experience in European research collaborative projects.Sustainable Innovations' aim is to integrate the circularity to the linear value chain of industries, communities and systems from a business perspective point of view. From Sustainable Innovations, to integrate that circularity we offer a variety of services and products which cover the whole value chains. The implementation of this circularity is based on the Exergy and how it can improve the diverse systems. Detailed analyses will generate a more defined overview of each system and their outputs.As experts on market trends and circularity, our team has developed an own tool which will be implemented for the diverse solutions and outputs generated. Sustainable Innovations tool is based on a competitor intelligence research and market intelligence analysis.

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