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PRIMA initiative and 4PRIMA are based on an extensive participatory process that will target a critical mass of key players at international level and all relevant stakeholders of the food and water sectors. To achieve this main objective, 4PRIMA will take advantage of a wide portfolio of results and relationship generated in previous and on-going EU projects, as well as it will seek cooperation between EU and Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs), in coherence with the activities of the Strategic Forum for International Cooperation.

Given the strategic relevance of an appropriate development and uptake of the SRIA to establish a long lasting partnership in the region, 4PRIMA science diplomacy actions will be essential to ensure the support to R&I policy dialogue addressing sensitive challenges between EU and MPCs. Moreover, in order to maximise its expected impact, 4PRIMA project will explore avenues for awareness raising and development of strategic alliances with key stakeholders, including EU, AC and MPCs countries that did not take part to the PRIMA joint programming process, with the goal to enlarge the participation to the “PRIMA Initiative”.

Relevant stakeholders for the 4PRIMA include representatives of the food and water sectors:

i)                    associations of producers / farmers;

ii)                   representatives of users and professionals;

iii)                  representatives of consumers;

iv)                 representatives of businesses (particular attention will be devoted to SMEs preferably for identifying innovation hurdles);

v)                  representatives of the major scientific and education international initiatives in the thematic field of PRIMA with particular attention to young researchers and innovators;

vi)                 NGOs;

vii)               policy-makers and decision-makers at national and international level;

viii)              water community, including irrigators associations and water resources managers.

 A ‘4PRIMA STAKEHOLDER FORUM’ will be launched. It will be the main tool for stakeholder engagement and ultimately contribute to the SRIA Development.

     1st Stakeholder event, 1st September 2016, Barcelona