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Spanish Water Technology Platform (PTEA)

Spanish Water Technology Platform (PTEA) was created with the vocation of being the meeting point at the national level among everyscientific, technological and business stakeholder to promote research, development and innovation, besides technological upgrading applicable to the sustainable management of water resources. Another of its objectives is to promote the leadership of the Spanish technology sector worldwide, as well as improving employment and competitiveness.
PTEA is constituted by entities whose activity is linked to the integrated water cycle.
PTEA aims
Support the activities of partners, providing a meeting point and offering them the information they need according R&D and innovation in the Spanish water sector.
Its main objectives:
·         Encourage technological transfer between national and international entities, public and private institutions, strengthening collaboration among the scientific community with industry, to promote R+D+i in the water sector.
·         Disseminate updated information on initiatives, programs and policies of R+D+i that affect the water sector and all aspects necessary to stimulate technological development.
·         Analyze the current situation of R+D+i in water and propose strategies for future sustainability.
·         Defend the interests of the sector in terms of R+D+i in water at regional, national and international level. Present Spanish technology in the appropriate forums and collaborate with public institutions in defining plans and strategies for R+D+i.
·         Support its members to contribute to their participation in national and international R+D+I programs. Generate synergies and improve the sector competitiveness.
·         Generate added value for partners, industry and society. Highlighting the role of water as a fundamental technology to meet the challenges set for sustainable development and resource efficiency element.

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