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PRIMA The Partnership for Research & Innovation in the Mediterranean Area by Jack Metthey, Director for Climate Action & Resource Efficiency at the EC’s DG for Research&Innovation

In November 2016 Wsstp published an article about Prima Initiative in its  monthly newsletter:  

In 2012, a group of EU Member States and Mediterranean countries decided to act. Building on the Union for the Mediterranean and EU's Neighbourhood Strategy, this group pushed for an international R&I cooperation within the Council of the EU. Subsequently, the European Commission came forward with a legislative proposal for Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean –"PRIMA".

This initiative's goal is, above all, to promote the sustainable management of water and food systems in the Mediterranean area by pooling know-how and financial resources in a strategic research partnership between the EU and the participating states under the Horizon 2020 Framework programme. The ensuing project calls will target the development of joint innovative solutions to make water management and food provision in the region more efficient, costeffective and sustainable while addressing related socioeconomic problems.

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