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Management Body of the Eco-Development area of Karla-- Greece

Management Body of the Eco-Development Area of Karla,(E.A.Ka.Ma.Ke.Ve) was established in 2003 according to the Law 2742/1999 under the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate, with the scope to protect, conserve and manage the nature and landscape.The main priority of the E.A.Ka.Ma.Ke.Ve is the sustainable water management of Karla basin and consists of  scientists with experience in water management. E.A.Ka.Ma.Ke.Ve will contribute to the mobilisation of target groups and basin stakeholders such as  local populations, farmers and graziers. Also, E.A.Ka.Ma.Ke.Ve is expected to strengthen the public participation process through the organisation of training, education and awareness raising approaches and initiatives.  E.A.Ka.Ma.Ke.Ve will also contribute to the  assessment of sustainability in terms of socialeconomic and ecological perspectives. 
 As regrds to the plain of the Lake Karla,  is one of the most productive agricultural regions of Greece. The Karla river basin confronts serious problems due to intensive agricultural activities including water scarcity and increasing groundwater salinisation.

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Kanalia, Magnesias, Greece