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Institut Pasteur de Tunis

The Institute Pasteur de Tunis (IPT) is a public health institution under the guardianship of the Ministry of Public Health. It is mandated to carry out all inquiries, missions, analyses and research activities pertaining to human and animal health. Also, it produces vaccines, sera, and antigens.
IPT is involved in research, development and innovation activities targeting tuberculosis, one of the major diseases disproportionately affecting Africa, neglected infectious diseases like leishmaniasis and HPV, hepatitis (HBV, HCV), as well as noncommunicable diseases e.g. cancer, type II diabetes and orphan genetic diseases.
It contributes to higher education at both the national and regional level. The Institute Pasteur de Tunis develop strong national and international collaborations in its fields of activities (including Research & Development, Training, Biomedical Analysis and Public Health Activities) (I send you attached a presentation document).IPT has a  proven experience as public  research center among the top Tunisian research center in scientific areas related to health, biotechnology, genetics, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, and toxicology,   and as well  competencies as reference center of many infectious diseases :
-       WHO-collaborating center on leishmaniasis
-       WHO Regional Reference Laboratory for Polio and Measles
-       Tropical Medicine Research Center (funded by the NIH, USA)
-       Centre National des Salmonella, Shigella et Vibrio spp
-  ANDI Centre of Excellence for Bio-molecule Discovery: ANDI AfricainCentre of Excellence in health innovation for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation

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BP74 Place Pasteur le Belvedère
1002 Tunis