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Future Intelligence Ltd

FINT is Telecom Engineering company founded in Athens, Greece in 2009. The team consists of highy qualified engineers, researchers and analysts committed to delivering cutting edge ICTs to businesses and conusmers. Since 20014, the comany designs, develops, manufactures and assembles IoT software and hardware solutions in the area of Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture. Moreover, company's portfolio includes quickly deployable, high bandwidth, relay-capable and network-independent solution for interconnecting various off-the-shelf unmanned vehicles' payloads under a single 4G (LTE, WiMAX) communication bubble. Last, an IoT based multi-stakeholder collaborative platform for quality farming is now commercially offerred enabling farmers to rationalise water, pesticide and fetilisers' inputs on-field and also provide farm transparency to their business partners.

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(+30) 2130 417996
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Patr. Gregoriou E' & Neapoleos str, Tech & Scientific Park Lefkippos, NCSR Demokritos, Agia Paraskevi
15310 Athens