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4PRIMA Stakeholders Fora: Egypt, Siena and Malta

 On 14 February 2017 Cristina Russo, Director for International Cooperation at the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, and Fathallah Sijilmassi, UfM Secretary General, discussed Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the field of research and innovation at the UfM headquarters in Barcelona. The discussions centered on ways to promote regional stability, human development and integration through Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in research and innovation. They addressed in particular major regional initiatives including PRIMA (Partnership in Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area) Initiative on sustainable food systems and water resources. The 4PRIMA Coordination and Support Action Project  is creating the bases and  developping a set of activities aimed at supporting the establishment of a long-term, well-structured and integrated partnership for research and innovation (R&I) on food systems and water resources, among countries from both sides of the Mediterranean Sea (“PRIMA Initiative”). In the framework of 4Prima project 3 Stakeholders’ Fora will be held in Egypt, Siena and Malta respectively in April May and June.  Those 3 events aim mainly at building a community of stakeholders from relevant sectors (Agriculture, Environment, Water, Scientific, Technology) to create PRIMA Stakeholder forum and consultation. During the 4PRIMA Stakeholder Fora parallel sessions will be organized, with specific discussions held within each group of stakeholders as well as interactive sessions in which stakeholders from different sectors, disciplines and countries will work together.