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4PRIMA presented in the framework of WEAM4i project in Spain

PRIMA initiative and 4PRIMA project were presented twice in the framework of the FP7 project named "Water & Energy Advanced Management for Irrigation" (WEAM4i) in Ejea de los Caballeros, near Zaragossa, Spain:

  •  On 21 September 2016 at the latest general assembly of WEAM4i consortium
  •  On 22 September 2016 during WEAM4i public conference ‘El regadío de Bardenas de Aragón y Navarra en la Cuenca del Ebro (The Irrigation of Bardenas of Aragon and Navarra in the Ebro Basin)’.  The public conference was joined by distinguished Spanish guests from local and national authorities, including Javier Lambán Montañés, Aragón President, and more than 300 participants from the local agricultural communities. It was also promoted by local news agencies including TV and radio channels.

     Click here to see the presentation