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The French National Research Agency (ANR) was established by the French government in 2005 to fund research projects, based on competitive schemes giving researchers the best opportunities to carry out their projects and
paving the way for ground-breaking new knowledge. The main mission of ANR is to fund the best basic research, but also targeted and applied research in particular through partnerships between companies and public sector laboratories. Its action is thus intended to support French research excellence at both academic and technological levels by means of a rigorous selection process based on evaluation by peer review. Since 2014, ANR’s annual Work Programme is developed in coordination with the "France Europe 2020" Strategic Agenda presented by the Minister for Higher Education and Research. In the context of these annual Work Programmes, ANR funds all scientific fields, for both fundamental and industrial research, including European and international cooperation.
4Prima role: WP6 Leader/ Coordinating role in the elaboration of 4PRIMA SRIA/ Participation and support to activities such as mapping of existing R&I initiatives on food systems and water resources, prioritization of objectives, stakeholders’ consultation, PRIMA implementation plan and dissemination.