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Founded in 1996, the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) was established at the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, to promote the development of scientific and technological research in Cyprus. The Foundation's activities  fall into two main categories:

(a) Financing Research Projects through the Development and Monitoring of Competitive Programmes, 

(b) Coordinating the participation of Cyprus in European Research and Innovation Programmes and Promotion of International Cooperation in Research and Innovation.  Most of these activities relate to the involvement of  scientists based in Cyprus in European research and innovation programmes (Framework Programmes, COST, EUREKA), the cooperation with international organisations supporting research and innovation activities (CERN) and the contribution in the preparation and implementation of bilateral agreements on R&D between Cyprus and other countries.

4PRIMA role: The RPF is leading two Tasks in 4PRIMA, namely  Task 2.4 "Interaction with International Programmes and Initiatives" and Task 6.5 "Final Conference"