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The Malta Council for Science & Technology (MCST) is the government body responsible for research policy, promoting scientific research and innovation, and management of the local research funding programme, FUSION. As National Contact Point for Horizon 2020, its main services are to create awareness on collaborative trans-national RTD, to offer information and consultancy on international research and technology programmes, and to give advice on criteria, modalities for participation and technical procedure related to project participation and application. The Council is also responsible for drafting and implementing the National Research and Innovation (R&I) Strategy 2020, and for representing Malta's national position in a number of EU-level R&I fora.

 4PRIMA role: Task 4.2 leader with a coordinating role in the activities aimed at awareness raising and inclusion of further countries in the PRIMA Initiative, as well as Task 4.4 leader, with a coordinating role in the organization of the Malta Presidency of the EU Conference.