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11th meeting of the agricultural ministers of CIHEAM’s member: Support PRIMA initiative

At the invitation of the Albanian authorities, the 11th Meeting of the Ministers of agriculture of the 13 Member States of CIHEAM took place in Tirana on the 22nd of September 2016. The Meeting focused on the root causes of distress migration from the point of view of agricultural development and food security. The Tirana Declaration endorsed the CIHEAM Action Plan for the Mediterranean (CAPMED 2025) aiming to increase the share of knowledge in the region, to manage natural resources, to improve sustainable agriculture and food and to contribute to a better Mediterranean inclusive development. The Ministers and Heads of Delegation present requested also the countries and international organizations to pursue the support provided to PRIMA initiative (Partnership for research and innovation in the Mediterranean) pursuant to Article 185 TFEU in the water and food sectors, given the important commitment of the EU and non-EU Mediterranean countries, including the CIHEAM Member States.

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